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Guidelines for parents

What can a parent do to ensure the safety of his/her child online?

First of all, learn what dangers lurk online.
you are not a computer savvy parent (and not everyone is), make a point of researching what the dangers online are, and where the majority of victims are accessed. Do you know what chatrooms are available to your child? Do you know who is on their instant message buddy list? Do you know if your child has a MySpace profile? Ask to see what your kids do for entertainment online. Look at their profiles; ask about their "buddies".

Second, open the lines of communication.
Does your child feel comfortable coming to you if he or she has an issue? Can they show you disturbing things that they've encountered online? Or does your child feel he or she must keep those things hidden? Even good parents don't always know what's going on; their children are afraid of "worrying" the parent. Let your child know that together, you and he or she can handle whatever comes along.

Third, don't allow computers in private areas of the house, such as a bedroom.
Keep the computer in a public part of the house, where you or a family member can tell if something that's happening online is bothering your child, or where you can tell if your child is accessing a site they shouldn't be on.

Warn your children not to give out any personal information online; no names, no phone numbers, no addresses. Tell them to ask their friends to keep your child's personal information offline and out of blogs and profiles. Never allow your child to meet someone they've talked to online unless accompanied by a trusted adult and unless it is in a public place.

Fourth, you may want to check out monitoring options.
Even some teens with caring, interested parents get into trouble.

One mom had this to say:

I believe your product helped us keep our youngest off drugs. WE were right on top of what was going on.

my husband and i have said maybe when our son is 30 we will tell him how we knew what was going on and when. Your product very well may have saved his life. one of his friends died of an overdose last nov. 4 others were arrested 2 years ago. 3 are still on probation the 4th one is in state prison.

these are all great kids just got messed up with the wrong stuff. your product really gave us an INSIDE to what was going on. Every parent of a preteen or teenager should have it on their computer. feel free to use my name if anyone needs a testimonial to your product. We do reccommend your product to our friends.

Marilyn P.

You, as a concerned parent, may choose to monitor your child's online activities for a time. You may want to see who he/she is chatting with, and what type of information is being traded. Some children get into trouble simply because they are too trusting, or think that "nothing bad will happen to me".

Look at some news stories about online predators

Are you a busy parent? If you are not always home to see what your child is doing online, maybe you'd like the option to monitor what is happening on the computer from a remote location, such as work. One option can be downloaded from a remote location without detection by the user, and it cannot be defeated by anti spy software.

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